Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last thoughts

It's our last day in Sri Lanka and we're back in Dehiwalla having spent the last six days in one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. And the hotel staff were right - the taxi from there to here took exactly 45 minutes and not the hour and half we were expecting!

And now hot-foot from Lanka Hands, we've done all our shopping, caught up with friends and said goodbye and are getting ready for our final evening meal in this lovely, busy, complex, heart-breaking country.

Life at college carries on (quietly in the library where I am) and out in the streets the horns sound, the traffic grinds its way slowly to destinations, the pavements hum with activity and the occasional train clatters by heaving with commuters.

We have had a whole heap of good experiences on this trip, not least with the countless church leaders we have talked with, taught, leaned from and laughed alongside. I am coming away with plenty to think about and a reasonable tan (for me - which means I'm off-white with red streaks!)

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