Thursday, September 20, 2012

Standing in tthe light

Listening to Charlie Peacock, watching the campus come alive with early morning activity... This is my last day of teaching. It has been a good, stimulating, challenging week. This crop of undergraduates has worked hard and produced good assignments so far which is pleasing for their teacher.

As Charlie sings 'I want to be in the light as you are in the light' I have been pondering the purpose of what we do here - small thoughts for a Thursday morning! And I think it boils down to helping to equip my students to stand in the light, work in the light and shine that light through their ministries to their neighbours.

This must be the goal of theological education. The light will banish the darkness of half-truth and junk ideas that seem all-too prevalent here as they are back home; the light will encourage greater partnership working as we stand in the light together; the light will dispell the darkness of competing with each other, of building empires and not God's Kingdom; the light will shine in our lives and remind us that 'I'm just a man in need of a saviour'

So, here's to a final productive day of teaching and learning...

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