Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can sabbatical be a verb?

We've heard that Nick Cave is playing the Sparta Prague stadium on 24 May - so we're looking at whether we can get tickets for it.

Otherwise, I've been doing what sabbaticalling ministers ought to be doing. I've been talking theology with other sabbaticalling ministers - there are two (both of whom I know) here at the moment.

And I've registered with the library and got a readers' card so I can take books out. sadly, the library shuts at 5pm so I couldn't get any books out tonight - ah well!

Of the two other guys who are here, Deans from Scotland is doing a very interesting project looking to see whether he can develop a web-based disicpleship course. We had a fascinating discussion over breakfast, continued over coffee after chapel, about what people need to know in order to be disciples and how to add knowledge to people's experience when our culture values experience above everything and makes knowledge a matter of opinion.

I've found a whole stack of stuff I'd like to read for my studies and I haven't really looked yet.

Still the sun's shining and I don't want to be in the library all day when it is...

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