Monday, May 12, 2008

Prague in the Spring

Arrived in Prague and checked into our appartment at IBTS. It's fab and we've recieved a lovely welcome. We eat up the road at the local pub/diner. Very civilised.

Tomorrow we'll be sorting out our travel cards - £17 for a month on the buses and tube (not bad!) - and getting me registered at the library. Internet access is excellent - and good value.

Our flight over was uneventful except that we were recipients of unexpected grace by Easy Jet. Our bags were a kilo over our allowance and the lady checking us said 'I'll let you off this time...' This was amazing - I was all ready to get my wallet out - as airlines generally don't do grace! So thanks Stellios.

Otherwise it was all wonderfully smooth and to time. Hassle-free - though we're both pretty knackered now.

I read a very interesting piece in the Sunday Times magazine on the plane coming here about a photographer who took some pretty memorable pictures of the Prague Spring in 1968. I'm hoping there might be some celebratory things happening in the city while we're here - though the anniversary of the Soviet invasion is August.

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Anonymous said...

"Pretty knackered" Is that the usual comment of an old hack? And to include his wife in that comment!! Hello Simon! Go up the hill with the castle on your right and as the road opens up keep walking and look on the left for a pub, that if memory serves me correctly, you'll find a pub called the Black Bull. Beer and sausage was very nice and reasonable. Also try to get a meal at the restaurant 7 Angels at Jilska 20.