Friday, May 23, 2008

covenanting to love our ministers

So, I did my session with the CAT students.

They were very polite.

I suspect they were also very baffled as I talked about cafe church and why we do it! From the comments and questions I'd guess that they are still very traditional in their models of being and doing church and that playing God is a DJ while drinking coffee and eating cookies would not constitute a service!

Ah well...

Steve is researching church covenants. His church has one - as does ours - and he's been looking at how we hold one another accountable. He found this marevellous clause in a 1790 covenant from Horse Fair church in Sony Stratford. Clause 3 - coming after what we believe and how we gather together as church - says this:

'To esteem our pastor highly in love for his work's sake, this we will endeavour to manifest by frequently and fervently praying for him; dilligently attending on his ministry; encouraging his heart and strengthening his hands to the utmost of our power in the work of the Lord; freely consulting him as we have occasion and opportunity, respecting our spiritual affairs; treating him affectionately when present, and speaking respectfully of him when absent. As he is a man of like passions with others, we will endeavour to conceal and cover with a mantle of love, his weaknesses and imprefections; also to communicate unto him of our temporal good things, knowing that the Lord hath ordained that they that preach the gospel should live of the gospel.'

Sounds good to me!

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