Thursday, May 22, 2008

The rich variety of people

There's a great mix of people here at IBTS.

Steve and Val - also here on sabbatical - have been a revelation. They're a bit older than us but full life and ideas and very funny. we get on really well.

Scott and Debbie Hafemann are also here. Scott is teaching NT at Gordon Conwell and Debbie's an artist. They're both lovely people. Scott's given me some useful pointers. He's writing a commentary on 2 Peter and Jude. Debbie used to be an art teacher and is really interesting on a lot of the art she's seen in Prague - and she's put us on to a good exhibition that we'll try to get to next week.

And others make our life even more interesting than it would be without them.

Tomorrow I'm taking a class of CAT students - they're the guys from eastern europe who've been learning English and doing a basic theology course. I'm going to provoke them with some stuff on alternative worship. we'll see what happens - it should be a blast!

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