Thursday, May 15, 2008

The conflict between libraries and sunshine

The weather in Prague is still fabulous - warm and sunny. This is making the library a lot less attractive than the quad where the sun plays on the water in the fountain and the sun's rays make one feel mellow and relaxed.

But yesterday I did read an article on Corinthian housing that suggests that Justin Meggitt's rather extreme picture of the social divisions of the ancient world might be more nuanced than he leads us to believe.

We went with the college party to the supermarket last night which was an experience. Having thought on our previous visit that we'd bought a pint of semi-skimmed milk when in fact we'd bought half a litre of soured full-fat milk (which is apparently a very healthy and delicious drink - though it really dowsn't work in tea!), we were very careful. Hence we took ages and were almost the last back to the mini-bus. However, we won't starve in the evenings now!

Today we'll be going into the centre of Prague to rediscover our favourite coffee house - kafiko - and look at the river.

We'll be going on a walking tour tomorrow with Lina from the college who's taking a group of women - who've been here from all over Europe talking about issues facing women in ministry - and others who want to join them.

Breakfast beckons and the spell-checker doesn't work on blogger at the moment (ah well!)

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Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Prague and IBTS are my favourite places to be, especially for study. Sadly I can't be there this year please give my regards to Ian, Janice and Lina. I hope they are all well.
I was hoping to come to Baptist Historical conference but I am doing a weeks intensive Greek instead! I would rather be there!