Sunday, May 11, 2008

Packing (or avoiding it...)

I'm meant to be packing for the flight to Prague tomorrow but it's too hot. So I'm pottering about the study listening to latest Word CD - a collection of the month's best new-ish music that comes free with the magazine of the same name (there's always a band or singer I've never heard of who ends up joining my list of must-have new music - though nothing yet).

I've also been reading a section of a manuscript on Milton (about whom I know very little, really) because the book's editor wanted me to check out the theology. Milton was not particularly orthodox - denying the Trinity, seeing Jesus as the same substance but not the same essence as God (whatever that means) - but he shared the apocalyptic fervour of many of his contemporaries and wrote sublime prose as well as poetry.

It's reawakened an interest in the English Revolution but I've resisted the urge to pack all my Christopher Hill books (though it was a close thing with his wonderful study of the influence of the Bible on the thinking of the revolutionaries and royalists alike).

The decks are now cleared for our departure. The sun is shining in Prague - and looks set to for the next five days - which is excellent. we're really looking forward to chilling out.

One of the things we've enjoyed on each of our previous visits to IBTS is being part of the worshipping community, sharing prayer and learning with people from all over central and eastern Europe.

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